Cut meat into chunks and weigh trimmings. Determine the amount of seasoning needed and amount of pork trimmings needed (if using deer). A 50% deer to 50% pork (80% lean pork) mixture is optimum. For leaner sausage use 60% deer trimmings to 40% pork (80% lean pork trimming).

Add quick cure to precut meat. Use 4 oz per 100 lbs of meat (only use quick cure if smoking sausage)and add ½ of seasoning mixture. Ensure that the trimmings and seasonings are well blended. Grind through a coarse plate – 1/2“ plate is best. After the first grind, return trimmings to the grinder pan and mix in the remaining seasoning. Mix thoroughly. Grin through a 1/4“ plate. At this point, place the stuffing horn on the grinder head. Thread pre-soaked casings (soak in warm water for approximately ½ hour prior to stuffing) onto the horn and stuff sausage as you make the final grind. A sausage stuffer may be used.

Smoke sausage for 1 ½ hours or until temperature reaches 140 degrees F. Hold at this temperature for 2 hours. Raise the temperature to 160 degrees F for the last hour (approximately 4 hours total). Remove from smoker and spray down to stop the cooking process.