Custom Blending



At REO Spice & Seasonings, Custom Blending is our specialty.  We are an SQFI ‘Safe Quality Food Institute’ Certified Food Ingredient Manufacture.  Our commitment to quality standards and to customer service is the reason for our success.  We impart more than just flavors into the products we manufacture.  Our company of seasoned professionals take pride in our trade and believe in working together to merit your confidence and good will.

Benefits of using REO Spice for custom blending:

  • Confidentiality: All proprietary recipes are protected by a non-disclosure agreement & our integrity.
  • Quality: Raw materials sourced through our supplier approval program must meet or exceed our specifications. These specifications coincide with Industry Food Standards.
  • Consistency: REO Spice strives to produce a consistent, quality product with every order.
  • Food Safety: REO Spice's food safety program is verified by third party audits conducted by SQFI staff. SQFI Certification ensures successful compliance with all industry food standards.
  • Fast Turn Around: Utilize ‘just in time’ inventory to save money and reduce ‘on hand’ inventory.
  • Low Minimum Orders: Capable of blending and packaging from 200 lbs. to truckloads of quality custom seasonings.

How custom blending works:    

  • Provide us with a recipe or we can match what you are currently using
  • We send you a sample
  • Upon approval of sample, packaging and pricing will determined
  • REO Spice will manufacture and ship product