Our Story

It all begins in Huntsville, TX.


David & Lisa Love married in 1980. David was a meat cutter at a local grocery store, and Lisa was beginning her career as an Agriculture Science Teacher. Both always worked two jobs trying not only to make it, but to get ahead. After 8 years of meat cutting and teaching, David and Lisa began working the evening shift at a local sausage manufacturer. Always dreaming of owning their own business, David and Lisa befriended the seasoning supplier, Mr. Royce E Orr (thus the name REO) He owned and operated REO Spice & Seasoning for 7 years as a retirement supplement. Mr. Orr was ready to retire completely and was looking for a young energetic couple to take over his business. It was settled, in May of 1990 David and Lisa purchased the business, a small amount of equipment, and approximately 30 customers. David quit his job of cutting meat to work full time in the spice business. Lisa continued to teach and work at the business every evening after school. It continued that way for several years, until the business could handle two full time employees, and Lisa quit teaching.

David & Lisa believe that the success of REO Spice & Seasoning, INC is due to hard work, dedication, and God putting the right people in their lives at the right time. The people they work with and their customers are “ALL” the right people. Loving what they do, and treating people the way they would want to be treated has allowed REO Spice & Seasoning, INC to grow and become the success that it is today.



– REO Spice & Seasoning, INC. 1990


 REO Spice & Seasoning, INC. 2020