Curing of Meats

For dry rubs (which are used on deboned hams or bacon) (hams should be deboned to keep from souring) Rub the ham or bacon at a rate 1.5 lbs of rub per 100 lbs of meat. Place meat in plastic container and refrigerate for 3 days. Take the meat out and dry rub it again. Bacon will only need the initial three days. Hams should again be returned to refrigeration for three days.

Remove after the allotted time, rinse meat with clear, clean water. Fill a container with clean, cool water (under 45 degrees), and let soak for 30 minutes. Pour off water, and refill, repeating the soaking process for another 30 minutes. Place in ham net and smoke.

For pumping hams - Mix the solution at a rate of 1.5 lbs of cure to 1 gallon of cool water. Using a ham pump, insert the needle all the way to the bone, and pump in solution. Dry rub the outside area and refrigerate in a plastic container for 3-7days (depending on the size of the ham at a rate of 1 day per inch of depth to the bone.) Example - 7 inches from the outside to the bone would require seven days. After hams have been cured, soak hams in cool water for 30 minutes, repeat the rinse and soak method. Smoke as desired.