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Nothing warms the body and soul on these cold winter days quite like a hot bowl of chili. With winter finally bringing those sub-freezing temperatures, now is the perfect time to cook up a pot of chili and enjoy it with your loved ones. REO Spice & Seasoning’s Country Style Chili Seasoning is the perfect blend of chili peppers and natural spices for making a delicious, hearty chili. Simply brown your chili meat, add 16oz of tomato sauce per 5lbs of meat and add 4oz of REO’s Country Style Chili Seasoning per 5lbs of meat. Our chili seasoning works great with any meat you choose. From diced ribeye to ground beef, even venison makes for a great chili when paired with REO’s Chili Seasoning.


If you’re looking for the perfect seasoning to make the perfect chili, look no further than REO Spice & Seasoning. Our Country Style Chili seasoning comes in 2 ounces for 2.5lbs of meat, 4 ounces for 5lbs of meat and 16 ounces for up to 20lbs of meat.