German Sausage Seasoning Giveaway!

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Our REO Spice & Seasoning German Sausage Seasoning is our most popular sausage seasoning, and for good reason. Of our link sausage seasonings, our German Sausage seasoning is the most spicy and works especially well with venison. Venison and other game meats have a stronger and more distinct natural flavor when compared to their domestic counterparts. This isn’t a bad thing. REO Spice & Seasoning’s German Sausage is a perfect blend that works to enhance the flavor of the meat without being overwhelmed by it.

This perfect blend of spices work together to create a delicious sausage perfect for any meal. Order your REO Spice & Seasoning German Sausage seasoning today!

“Like” and “Share” the REO Spice and Seasoning Facebook page for a chance to be entered in our drawing to win 2 packages of REO Spice & Seasoning German Sausage Seasoning and 1 Hank of sausage casings, enough for 100lbs of sausage. The winner will be be selected Monday, December 12, 2016.