The Best BBQ Baked Potato

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As a native Texan, this time of year really means one thing: Rodeo Season.While there are a lot of reasons people get excited about the rodeo (the live music, carnival rides, the livestock show, professional bull rider), there is one particular reason I personally get excited: the food!

The one food I must have at the rodeo each year is a BBQ baked potato. There is something almost magical about enjoying an enormous, hot, buttery baked potato overflowing with delicious, tangy barbecue brisket (you can get pork or chicken, but I’m a beef man myself). However, the rodeo only lasts 2 weeks and then I’m left to fend for myself to satisfy my BBQ baked potato needs.

Enter REO Spice & Seasoning. When it comes to creating a perfect BBQ baked potato, REO is your one stop shop. REO’s Baked Potato Seasoning is the best seasoning for your favorite spuds. For the BBQ, the combination of REO’s BBQ Seasoning and REO’s Famous BBQ Sauce are all you need to make the ultimate BBQ Baked Potato year round.