Custom blending:
We do offer custom seasoning blends; with a maximum level of confidentiality we can blend any amount from 200lbs to 2000lbs of your proprietary formula. Have no worries, with 26 plus years of operating as an integrity based business your recipes will be properly safeguarded to ensure they remain your unique taste. Here at REO Spice and Seasonings we have several different packaging options available for your custom blending needs from small shaker bottles to bulk boxes.
Private label:
Private labeling our products is also an option if you don’t have a specific blend or 200lb recipe. You have found the right place for the best seasonings made. However; label design is not our area of expertise. With a provided image file we do have the capabilities to print your logo or any graphics that you may already have for your brand.
If you are looking for larger quantities than are listed on our website, we would be happy to discuss your wholesale needs.